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Share Our Medication is a charity whose ambition is to enable the recycling of the tens of thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications that are returned to UK pharmacies every year.  Some £150 million is wasted annually on unused medications and we believe there are people around the world who do not have the benefit of a first class national health service that could be helped with Britain's unused medications.


Welcome to Share Our Medication. 

About Our Charity


Founded in 2012 in response to the shortage of medication in Greece as the country's economy collapsed, Share Our Medication seeks to distribute unused medication from Britain to communities and countries where the need is greatest.  

What We Do


Share Our Medication lobbies governments, the World Health Organisation, pharmaceutical companies and NGO's to try and enable the safe recycling of unused medication.  The challenges are plenty; restrictive legislation in the UK and abroad, state protection of pharma industries - particularly in developing countries, and, the mindset and restrictive practices of some healthcare professionals.  It's a long struggle but we will succeed!

Can You Help?


We'd love to hear from you if you think you can help us to make a difference......


Please click on info@shareourmedication.org and email us your thoughts.


Thank you.